Ready to Stop Yoyo dieting and Start following through on you and your weight loss goal?

Long term weight loss is not about calorie counting, diets and punishing yourself with intense exercise that you don't enjoy. It is about developing the right mindset, managing urges, and making small manageable changes that you can do for the rest of your life.

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Are you ready to commit to long term weight loss and become the best version of yourself?

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    Rebecca Goodacre

    Weight and Life Coach

    featured in Shecan magazine

    The Essential Weight Loss Toolkit PDF will support you to:

    · Create beautiful menu lists where you can record meals you love that work well in your body

    · Quickly select foods from a food list that will help weight loss

    · Plan your food and prevent you having to use will power to stop overeating

    · Practice powerful thoughts to help you stay on track

    · Celebrate your wins and reduce the drama